Skate Girls of Kabul

Skate Girls of Kabul

Tue 27 Feb

My favorite purchase of the week is SKATE GIRLS OF KABUL by JESSICA FULFORD DOBSON. Of all the things you might expect of Afghan girls the very last is that they should have taken up the skateboarding with such alacrity.


After the fall of the Taliban, a charity was trying to think of ways to give the disadvantaged youth of Kabul more self-confidence and independence, and to lure them back into full education. They hit on the idea of building a skateboard park - the streets of Kabul are not suitable. Initially boys turned up in droves, but then girls came to watch. They began taking up their skate boards while the boys were at class, and  turned out to be better than the boys. More dedicated, and more fearless - so much so that they had to be given helmets to wear over their hijabs.

Miss Fulford Dobson was commissioned to take photos of the skate girls of Kabul about ten years ago. The book is essentially the catalogue of a touring American exhibition. This copy is signed by her although I would prefer it if it had the track of a skate board over the front end paper.

The book was originally published in 2013 in the USA and you have to wonder what has happened to the girls  since then. There seems to be only one hardback edition of this book, published by Morland Tate in the USA in 2016. There is one other copy for sale at over £500 on Amazon. Mine is priced at £220, and it is signed.

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